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Fosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shandong
Brand Name: Fosyderm
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: Fine
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: usd 20~35 piece
Packaging Details: 1.One Prefilled Syringe with Two Sterile BD Needles 2.One syringe and two needles in a PVC Blister. 3.Aluminum foil + carton
Delivery Time: 1~3 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal.
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces week

Detail Information

Material: Hyaluronic Acid Gel Function: Remove Wrinkle
Color: Transparent Type: Injectable Filler
Certificate: CE ISO Application: Face
Feature: Easy Operation Brand Name: Fosyderm

Product Description

Fosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection


Hyaluronic Acid 


Hyaluronan consisting of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine, also known as uronic acid, hyaluronic acid, the basic structure is composed of two disaccharide units D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl A large polysaccharide composed of glucosamine. Unlike other mucopolysaccharides, it does not contain sulfur. Its hyaluronic molecules can carry more than 500 times of water, which is the best moisturizing ingredient recognized today, and is widely used in skin care products and cosmetics.


Main Ingridients


Hyaluronic acid is an acid mucopolysaccharide. In 1934, Meyer, a professor of ophthalmology at Columbia University in the United States, first isolated the substance from the vitreous of the bovine eye. With its unique molecular structure and physicochemical properties, hyaluronic acid shows various important physiological functions in the body, such as lubricating joints, regulating the permeability of blood vessel walls, regulating protein, water and electrolyte diffusion and operation, and promoting wound healing. It is especially important that hyaluronic acid has a special water retention effect and is the most moisturizing substance found in nature. It is called the ideal natural moisturizing factor (NMF, for example: 2% pure hyaluronic acid). The acid aqueous solution can firmly maintain 98% moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a multifunctional substrate, and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is widely distributed in various parts of the human body. The skin also contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid. Human skin maturation and aging process It also changes with the content and metabolism of hyaluronic acid, which can improve the skin's nutrient metabolism, make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increase elasticity, prevent aging, and is a good transdermal absorption enhancer at the same time as moisturizing. The combination of other nutrients can promote the absorption of nutrients.




Biochemical drugs with high clinical value are widely used in various ophthalmic operations such as crystal implantation, corneal transplantation and anti-glaucoma surgery. It can also be used to treat arthritis and accelerate wound healing. It can be used in cosmetics to protect the skin. It can keep the skin moist and smooth, delicate and tender, elastic, anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle, beauty care and restore skin physiological function.




The main functions of hyaluronic acid are as follows:
1, improve joint function
2, natural moisturizing lubricant
3, to prevent the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, pulse disorders and brain atrophy.


Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is one of the main matrix components of human skin epidermis and dermis. Its physiological function is to enable water to enter the intercellular space and combine with proteins to form a protein gel, which binds cells together and plays a normal role. Cell metabolism plays a role in maintaining cell moisture, protecting cells from pathogens, accelerating recovery of skin tissue, improving wound healing and regeneration, reducing scarring, and enhancing immunity. At the same time, hyaluronic acid is the main component of the extracellular matrix of proliferating cells and migrating cells, especially in embryonic tissues. Because of the inherent properties of hyaluronic acid, cells can be kept separate from each other, making cells easy to migrate and proliferate and prevent cell differentiation. During development, hyaluronic acid appears to prevent premature differentiation of cells before they multiply or migrate into place. In medicine, hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is used in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, arthritis treatment, ophthalmology, and cardiac surgery. It has a unique role in the treatment of burns, burns, frostbite, artificial skin.


Product DescriptionFosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection

Fosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection


Hyaluronic acid itself has a negative charge and is present in most soft connective tissues in animals. Its aqueous solution is a viscoelastic fluid that fills the space of cells and collagen fibers and covers certain epidermal tissues. In animals, its primary function is to protect and lubricate cells, regulate the movement of cells on this viscoelastic matrix, stabilize the collagen network and protect it from mechanical damage. Because hyaluronic acid is a natural lubricating and shock absorbing polymer, it acts as a lubricant on the surface of tendons, tendon sheaths and sticky synovial membranes. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is widely distributed in the connective tissue of the human body, and exists almost in pure form in the vitreous vitreous body and joint cavity. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA, which is present in the skin, plays an important role in the metabolism of the human epidermis. The destruction or imbalance of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA in the human body can cause diseases. The reduction and destruction of the hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA content in the skin can cause the skin to lose water, wrinkle and lose its elasticity, and cause the epidermis to age. Therefore, hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) HA is also called anti-aging factor.


Type Fine Derm Deep Subskin
Concentration 20mg/ml Stablized hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml Stablized hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml Stablized hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml Stablized hyaluronic acid
Particle Size(mm) 0.10~0.15 0.15~0.28 0.28~0.5 0.5~1.25
Recommended Indications Thin superficial lines, such as worry lines, periobital lines, perioral lines Moderate wrinkles, such as glabellar, oral commissures. Lips: fullness, pouting and vermilion border Deep facial wrinkles and folds, like the nasolabial folds, shaping facial contours, eg cheeks fullness, chin and lips augmentation The local depression, soft tissue filler, also can be used in rhinoplasty
For breast and buttock enhancement
Where to inject Upper part of dermis Middle part of dermis Deep layer of dermis and /or surface layer of subcutis Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow
Volume 1ml 2ml 1ml 2ml 1ml 2ml 10ml 20ml
Needles Size 30G 27G 26G 23G
Storage Room Temperature Room Temperature Room Temperature Room Temperature
Function Anti wrinkle Lip nose lifting Cheek lip enhance Breast buttock enhancement


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1.What is Dermal Filler?
Dermal Fillers are made from a substance which occur naturally in human skin - this means they areextremely safe to use and can give fantastic enhancements to lips and facial lines.


2.How long does it last?
It is long lasting, but not permanent. Depending on the product used, the injection area treated and the individual dispositions of your skin, the results can last from 6 months up to 18 months


3.When will I see results?
You will see results immediately; however, some swelling and redness is not uncommon and, as such, the immediate result should not be regarded as the final result. Best results are seen after 2-3 days.


4.Is there any side effect?
You may experience some discomfort such as temporary tenderness, redness, swelling on the injectedarea. They usually disappear on their own in less than 7 days. You can apply an ice pack for a briefperiod on the injection site to help ease any swelling.


Our Service


1. We recommend the most suitable types of Fosyderm Hyaluronic acid injectionas per customers' needs.

2. We can provide a free sample (1ml/piece) for customers.

3. We accept small quantity orders for customers to have a try of Hyaluronic acid injectionat first.

4. We offer best quality products with most competitive price, the order is bigger, the discount is larger.

5. We track hyaluronic acid injection after shipping until customers' receipt, and do our best to help customers finish customs clearance.

6. We provide OEM with customers' private labels, brands and package.


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Fosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection


Fosyderm 1ml 2ml Fine Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers For Face Injection

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